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Kem hàn Inventec Ecorel free LT140-18

Mã: Ecorel free LT140-18

Kem hàn Ecorel free LT140-18, Inventec- Pháp

Kem hàn inventec Ecorel free LT140-18 Với thành phần hợp kim Sn63/Pb37

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Kem hàn Inventec Ecorel free LT140-18, kem hàn có chì  

Nhà sản xuất: Inventec, Pháp

Low residue no-clean solder paste


ECORELTM EASY 803M range offers a good balance between wettability, printing capability and ability to withstand various thermal profiles.

ECORELTM EASY 803M range exhibits high printing speed, excellent abandon time and long steady tackiness.

These pastes can withstand high thermal profiles, with and without nitrogen, leading to consistent and shiny solder joints on all standard finishes.


Residues after reflow are non-corrosive and do not need to be removed to ensure the reliability of the PCB’s. However, those residues are easily cleanable with a large range of cleaners : hydro-carbonated solvents, halogenated solvents and detergent solutions including the INVENTEC cleaning solutions